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06Chosen for the ‘Graphene-Bio Sensor’ project (Small and Medium Business Administration)

10Aired on ‘Industrial TV’ for one hour (special coverage) (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)


05Manufacturing plant registered

06Named ‘First LG Display Dream Play Biz’

09Chosen ‘Frontier Venture Biz’ (Korea Technology Finance Corporation)

12Obtained the Certificate of Professional Materials & Parts Manufacturer (No. 18761)

12Named ‘Export Frontier Company’ (No. 2018-013)


02Named ‘Venture Biz’ (Korea Technology Finance Corporation) (No. 2017101132)

Graphene-hybrid technology developed

06Obtained ‘ISO 9001’

07Registered as the vendor of BOE and CSOT (China)

08An R&D institute established and certified (No. 2017113929)

09Chosen for the ‘Graphene-Hybrid’ project (Small and Medium Business Administration)

11Obtained ‘ISO 14001’

12Named for the ‘First Startup Incubation Platform’ (Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK))

2016 Established

09Incorporated; CEO Bae Kyoung-jeong inaugurated