Dear Friends,

KB ELEMENT started with the technology needed to control static electricity and
particles which are catastrophic in semiconductor and display processes.
Based on such advanced technology, we finally succeeded in the mass production
of the new material in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
‘Non-oxidized Graphene’ at its highest quality level.

We have also developed and provided non-oxidized graphene-based heat-dissipation, electromagnetic-shielding and conductive-polyimide materials.

We are committed to grow into a small tech giant,
expanding our business in various fields
including super capacitors,
ink for electrode printing,
multilayer ceramic capacitors
(MLCCs) and reinforced composite materials.

We promise that we would keep moving forward to make our beloved customers,
shareholders, institutions and those who have believed in our vision happy
with the finest technology and world’s best products
and contribute to our society and economy.

Thank you.

CEO of KB ELEMENT CO., LTD.|Bae Kyoung-jeong,